Tom Green

Tom und die restlichen Bandmitglieder gründeten 2006 die Band SleepingGiant. SleepingGiant entstand aus der Band xDeathstarx. Der letzte Auftritt der Band war 2018. Tom arbeitet an einem neuen Projekt (HolyName).

Warum wir euch diese Band vorstellen möchten, ist der, das wir selten in Songs Texte sehen die so gut das Evangelium wiedergeben.

Hier möchten wir euch einen Textauszug von dem Song >He Will Reign< vorstellen

In my mind I know how to sing this
But I need your light, God there’s no other way
He says I try, the words all come jumbling out
As I rest in your light, I hear your spirit say, you say


I don’t know why it was that I hated you so
It was before I really knew you
Before I touched your heart and it became unto me, the very substance of my life
I’ve stayed at your side, I’ve seen the things that you do
I’m blessed, I’m broken, I’m honored inside to be called your wife


Then my heart cries out
You Will Reign Forevermore… I love You Lord
You are worthy Lord, so worthy Lord You’re so deserving Lord, take my life Oh God
We Will Reign Forevermore!
Then You sing out over us Oh Lord You respond and I thank You Lord

You sing
You lift up my head and sing
You call me beloved Lord, so we sing
You are worthy, You alone, we sing out
We exalt You Lord
We Will Reign Forevermore!